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Company profile

Founded in 2015, Hebei Ruichuan FRP Co., Ltd. covers an area of more than 16000 square meters and has a modern production plant with construction area of 8000 square meters, Uphold the integrity, quality, innovation, professional development concept, Focus on FRP towers, FRP tanks, large tanks on site, chimneys, composite tanks, FRP pipes, sand pipes, flues, anti-corrosion, environmental desulfurization engineering, waste gas collection equipment, sewage treatment fields, etc., With keen insight into the industry development trend, with the mode of resource integration to seek the development of enterprise deepening, In the fierce market competition, Hebei Ruichuan FRP Co., Ltd. has created the production system of FRP product industry chain, successively passed ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, EU CE certification, international quality system authority certification, national industrial product production license, has nine new use patents, two invention patents, known as - 3A credit enterprise, 3A quality, service and honest enterprise,3A grade contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise.


In line with the craftsman's spirit of striving for perfection and unremitting innovation concept, Ruichuan FRP has developed high-quality products in the industry with pioneering and innovative attitude, and has established long-term and close cooperation with a number of testing quality supervision and inspection centers and other monitoring institutions,It is a unique field of development for design, production, new products and new projects of FRP products.

At present, Ruichuan FRP company has a full range of container abrasives and FRP containers. It adopts steel mold spray lining technology and CNC winding program. It can complete FRP containers with a diameter of less than 4.5m in the factory. It has four large-scale winding equipment on site controlled by microcomputer. It can produce large-scale on-site containers with diameter of 25m and volume of 3000. It has a full range of FRP pipe production line,Can produce absorption tower, washing tower, purification tower, bubble cap tower, packing tower, desulfurization tower and all kinds of composite tower container; environmental waste gas collection system, sewage tank corrosion, FRP cover plate, chimney, flue and other FRP products,It is widely used in petrochemical, chlor-alkali, Titanium white, municipal, metallurgy, food brewing, seawater desalination, environmental protection and other fields. As a professional FRP production enterprise, based on raw material procurement control, it gathers industry elites to build a highly skilled, experienced, professional and efficient production and operation team, with professional installation team and after-sales service Ruichuan FRP Co., Ltd. has established four offices in the Pearl River Delta, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, northeast and southwest.


Ruichuan FRP company adheres to the development concept of integrity, with excellent quality and good reputation, cooperates with many well-known and listed enterprises at domestic and abroad, such as chemical industry, steel industry, municipal administration, smelting, brewing, environmental protection, etc., and has won praise and favor from all walks of life. Hebei Ruichuan glass fiber reinforced plastic Co., Ltd. has accumulated a lot to interpret the changes of the industry with its strength. With its persistent belief and demanding quality, it strives to achieve the great idea of the Chinese dream with great sincerity.

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